leftovers from 2012 Performance

leftovers from 2012 Performance by SUN AND CAVE

A performance entitled "Restore, Power-C, Energy, Focus, Multi-V, Defense, Formula 50, XXX, Essential, Balance, Vital-T, Rescue, Charge, Stur-D, Connect, Spark, Dwnld, Go-Go, Mega-C, Recoup, Rise, Revitalize, Squeezed, Rhythm, Glow, Drive, React, Strength" 
by David Hanes
photo credit: Brendan Ko
February 2012
www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Wv8PcsRS9I" rel="nofollow


This Wednesday in Vancouver @ ECKE

So, some of my new video work will be projected at a public exhibition space in Vancouver this Wednesday! If you read this or wtvr plz go check it out!! :) special thx to Frieda-raye Green <3
☐ Ecke Presents: David Hanes
Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Ecke is pleased to be showing a video work by Toronto-based artist David, as a part of our ongoing series of bi-weekly video projections, showing in the second story windows of 18 W Hastings.
Videos shown at Ecke are viewable from the street and each work is screened for one evening only. Please come by, for the chance to view work from both inside and out!


David Hanes:

b. 1987 Toronto ON, is a visual artist/curator whose trans-media practice spans a variety of issues that range the space bridging lived experience and art. His work describes a personal relationship to visual culture that is linked to an underlying currency of everyday life and the illuminated computer screen. Exhibiting in both offline and online communities, David has shown work in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, Syracuse, Kansas City and the Internet. David is the co-founder of the online project: www.yoguy.info and currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada.



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Ecke is currently seeking submissions. We would love to see your work! Please send submissions to friedarayegreen@gmail.com.


Gallery Entrance:

BUZZ 002 
778 889 0110 
778 242 2302
604 314 9553

∿∿∿∿∿∿ Sea U there!




Work featured in upcoming Disturber Magazine release

So, some of my AWARE (http://www.flickr.com/photos/f-lee/sets/72157627716192288/) works will be featured in the upcoming Disturber Magazine(http://disturber-magazine.tumblr.com/) release in London, UK. The magazine is affiliated with Vice I believe and will be curated by an excellent artist: Tatiana Leshkina. Pretty excited about this as my work will be along side Letha Wilson and Katja Novitskova, both artists I adore! If u read this and live in London, check it out! :)

Curatorial Statement:
Place and event, space and mind, are not outside of each other. Mutually defining each other, they fuse unavoidably into a singular experience; the mind is in the world, and the world exists through the mind. Experiencing a space is a dialogue, a kind of exchange - I place myself in the space and the space settles in me.

Juhani Pallasmaa
The second issue of Disturber Magazine is coming soon.
List of artists:
Tatiana Leshkina
Gaƫl Paccard
David Hanes
Marc Philip Van Kempen
Sinta Werner
Matthieu Lavanchy
Anouk Kruithof
Lucas Blalock
Bertrand Planes
Noemie Goudal
Indre Serpytyte
Satomi Shirai
Eyal Pinkas
Yvonne Lacet
Rumiko Hagiwara
Florian Hildebrandt
Katja Novitskova
Letha Wilson