REALCORE: JENNIFER CHAN @ VSVSVS, MARCH 16th, 2012_Curatorial (blog)Statement

Jenn Chan rules, okay? There I said it, put it out on the table for everyone to see. Sure, arrogance or wtvr but it's the truth and is something from the heart. Jenn only lived in Toronto for four years but in that time she made some pretty interesting allies, one of which was me (David) who hopefully can continue to be one of those interesting allies - so long as this probably over-personalized and ungrammatical curatorial (blog)statement doesn't ruin our relationship forever. I met Jennifer back in 2009 doing a research internship at Toronto's Vtape... well, actually it was at a screening/lecture on works by Colin Campbell but I was helping out for Vtape. Thinking about that meeting is kinda awesome considering the kind of show that Jenn has put together for REALCORE. I say this is awesome because Colin's work, although is from a completely different time and context, challenges  modes of video and performance in at once disimilar yet quantifiably equal ways; identity, fetish, media, personal. So for Jennifer and I to come together after only knowing each other for three years and after meeting at a Colin Campbell screening feels pretty coincidental and cool... but maybe that's how the art world actually works and I'm just totally oblivious??? For the most part remaining socially/publicly oblivious has saved my skin a lot. It puts one into a kind of neutral state that falls back on a relative stupidity, a stupidity that I think defeats a sense of proving oneself to others. Maybe that's a part of what REALCORE is about, that proving and being proved feeds into a fakeness that I don't think Jennifer has ever felt in tune with. So, yah, REALCORE is an art show that's got net-lyfestyle aesthetics, it doesn't have any "wall art" but it does have Jennifer being really sincere towards herself... and towards her s(t)imulated vagina (like she's touching her vagina but she's not touching her vagina... Andie Warhol right? Fuck that guy), it's also got 100 pizza box's, and then somewhere in there you get online struggle; public practice and anguish. You know? Especially in one of her newest video/performances: Interpassivity, 2011 (<3Mike<3) but that video isn't in the show. Real videos in the show include: New American Classic, 2011 _High_Tack_, 2011 and [[[I'll Show You HD]]], 2012. The first to be made of these three was _High_Tack_ but it wasn't until she made New American Classic for a show that Krystal South curated in called: QR/ART that I became fully aware of this style that Jennifer had invested in. Well, that's a lie... I remember videos from before and (after closer inspection) it's easy to see just how smoothly (terrible choice of words) Jenn went from 2 girls 1 cup cake ooh la la..., 2008 to loadroll, 2012... but apparently (according to Jenn) some people think that Jennifer Chan pre-barf videos is all garbage... maybe I'm gonna say wtvr to that just out of the fact that I opened this blog(statement)post with "Jenn Chan rules, okay?"... I mean, who cannot deny the pure and poetic attractiveness of Unbecoming, 2009?? Well, actually, if anyone talks to me about cancer I get sick to my stomach and then I shake a lot and curl up into a ball and think about this fucked up growth in my mouth, on my lip, that makes me think about dying next week and then I remember all my dead friends and I cry and it's fucked because I'm infront of people and I'm suppose to be brave and a "man".... my brother would smack me if he ever read this (I love you Johnny, Ariel, Aaron, Georgie, Grandma...). Anyway, my attempts at concluding this are folly but if you are in the VSVSVS space while you are reading this you will probably be bombarded with a number of sounds happening simultaneously, as well as some wicked video's playing techy-G shit but if you are not in the space while reading this you'll just have to wait for the doc pix and deal with all the random linx ^above^. There's a lot going on in this show but that's what makes it "real" and if you even have the patience to put up with this long-winded-meandering you will soon realize that REALCORE is just about being "real". Real to yourself and too all your loved ones. Be Real. I love you. <3<3<3


ps - this is a video commerical for MDG "Buck a Day" computers that Jennifer's new videos remind me of, it's kind of Toronto retro thing...

pps - click the header for a link to Jennifer's new website that co-incides with this opening: TOTAL RELEASE

ppps - Jennifer says, "check out Daniel Waldman" !_! http://hardtoknowwhere.blogspot.com/ & http://www.youtube.com/user/GouffidIslandWebsite

The following pictures are from the day that Jenn and I spent together in the East end of Toronto (March 13, 2012)

 this is a picture of an old school house and a little parkette I was sitting it while waiting for Jenn
 some of the benches in the same Parkette w/ Church on the right
 sweet found plastic wrap in tree install in the same parkette
 Jenn selecting adhesives 
 Jenn happy with Adhesives 
 Jenn feeling the weight of some Aerosol silver spray 
 conceptual glory hole in the mens bathroom of East-end coffee shop
 asian camels on floor of VSVSVS
 bubble wrap and knapsack on plinth
 temp studio
 pre-assembled pizza boxes 
 black & blue cord plugged into white wall outlet 
 bedding on car chair
 very fast toy helicopter perfromance in parking lot behind VSVSVS
 Bell advertisments behind VSVSVS
 social space
 the view from street outside of VSVSVS
 Jenn on the $treetZ
 Canadian flag in war of 1812 graveyard w/ sunset
Found Impaled Computer Sculpture, March 13th, 2012 w/ Jennifer Chan, Toronto CAN

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