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totally expected, right?... can't run away from your credit line! Even in death right?
PLEASE STOP BEING CRANKY TOWARDS ME... it's growing into something bad.
read this and remember. i won't be around forever.



Something That Always Stays With You, And That Will Always Remind You, And That You Can Always Count On (Against Stagnation), Single Channel Video Loop, 17:00, 2011
Ice Stim (Black & Blue), Digital Print, 24"x38", 2011


O'Born Contemporary Multiples Show, 2011

Got my act together and have submitted work for the upcoming O'Born Contemporary Multiples Show that will be happening in Toronto on December 10, 2011. All the work will be priced under $200 and there will be plenty of selection by a number of amazing artists! Pretty excited to be a part of this :) Buy my art so that I can feel less poor and more important!

Thanks to Rebecca Cianfrini for all her amazing help! Really soooo good!!!!


Slow Rave

 Aids-3D - 舞88 by DISmagazine

have had this for some months now but i think it's worth attention still....