This Week in Toronto...

My close friend Iris Fraser-Gudrunas will be performing her POPTAROT project at XPACE... check it out.

Curated by Gale Allen

Iris Fraser-Gudrunas
Johnny Forever & Marisa Hoicka
Amy Lam
Amy Jenine Ling Wong
Lisa Visser

Saturday March 12, 2011
XPACE Cultural Centre
58 Ossington Avenue, Toronto

DAY PROGRAM / on-going performances: 12-6PM (FREE)
EVENING / performance event: 7PM (PWYC/$10)

Tuesday March 8, 2011

Pop Tarot
Iris Fraser-Gudrunas
1 – 5PM

Extra-Rational is a series of performances by emerging Canadian artists that embrace the aesthetics of popular culture and seek to recuperate/utilize these “low brow” processes of production and cognition. The artists in Extra-Rational intentionally make use of aesthetic choices and methods of production that directly challenge the rubric of high-brow vs low-brow culture. These artists use the position of the trivialized, the unmentionable, the frivolous, the carnal and the other as a means to challenge the rationalization of high culture.

Iris Fraser-Gudrunas is a visual artist, curator and filmmaker currently based in Toronto, Canada. Fraser-Gudrunas’ work investigates candid reactions ranging from apprehension to abandon. Fraser has exhibited and curated shows with many groups in Toronto including PleasureDome, Film Fort, Blocks Recording Club, Don Blanche Residency, Artscape Gibralter Point Residency, Images Festival, Hart House Film Club and Splice This!

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