Unexpected things are happening all around me! On Friday Jamie Shannon and I went for a skate on the lagoon and I took some mindblowing video footage! Totally gonna use it for new video work. Here are some pictures from last Friday...


isn't this crazy!?

reminds me of a movie, fantastic!!!

i went out later that night... which maybe now i should talk about. the city causes me anxiety!! i've decided that i am going to work even harder to keep myself on the island at all times. the less city, the less stress... that being said, i did find this little gem in my drunken stupor...

i think that i've discovered a new way of displaying. gotta make a mold or just replicate piles of snow... Styrofoam maybe? Maybe i need to buy some excess fake-snow from movie sets. I am really into it! Objects planted into piles... planting! so exciting!

AND THE HOLES!!!! liquids popping out of holes!... so sexy.

Anyways, lastnight we had a very exclusive dinner party and sweatlodge. the bunch of us pitched food and made a freaking feast! sweating was the best part of it all and i am not convinced that i have to sweat every week. infact, i am now convinced that i have to skate and sweat everyweek. it's the best!

oh and one more thing! this picture (below) captures my the tone of my show Feb27th! COME!! IT WILL BE THE BEST!!!!

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