Friday - Tuesday (Screw the City!)

After the show on Friday I decided to go to the island and camp-out in my studio until Tuesday. Played around with my new computer and got myself prepared for the Valentines bonanza that Lisa was organizing. I am gonna have to post a couple pictures I took from the Friday show because I am totally digging this shit...

done by two lovely ladies (Zoe and Nitasha) and they made a video of them killing/eatting to accompany this cock-shrine! They were pretty funny because they had never done editing before and the video kept messing up but I guess everything worked out in the end because the projection they made looked great. No issues in the end.

Okay, so skipping forward, I got home and my studio and bedroom were still a big mess from the previous week... hadn't really alot of time to clean it and after last week I was too tired to jump on it right away. I guess I just decided to look at it and make an action plan to get cleaned up.

I kinda just spent Saturday and Sunday hiding out in my studio and doing homework and attempted to not eat all my food. I am totally poor now that I own a computer... Jon said that I am now "Information Rich"... I guess he's right. Now I can BLOG more and anticipate the day when my friends will give me editing programs that will let me do my things!

Anyways, skipping to Monday... (because Saturday and Sunday were spent getting all the info together for February 27th) as soon as I wokeup I received a wondrous valentines gift from Lisa. I decided that I would goof around and take a bunch of funny photos of this gift because I thought it was so sweet and I like the idea of not spending valentines day all mopey and alone.

Once people arrived and we all got settled in, Lisa announced an outing to the petting zoo in Center Ville. We all took our rose gifts and went to the farm and drank champagne with the animals! Best valentines day idea ever. When we got there it was funny because most of the animals had been taken indoors except for the horses and the peacocks (wtf?). There was also a mind-blowing mass of ducklings that took over the property and we all got kinda kid-like and tried to grab them and makeout with them. It was kind of a failure but I took some great pictures of Lisa with the horses and some other great tid-bits...

I'm not really sure how much more I wanna say about this past weekend and what not... also I have to get moving because the day needs to start. Maybe I'll post more later... I also put some cool stuff up on flickr. CHECK IT OUT!

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