The Box

I guess it's appropriate to start by saying that I'm sick of not owning a proper computer. This net-book shit is old... it's been fun though. Next week I buy a new computer and some new pants. Exciting! Yesterday was a "Snow Day" but it wasn't anything crazy, barely a foot of snow.

It was an excuse to stay indoors tho... the night before I drank a bottle of wine to myself and watched a full episode of Dr. Who with Sarah. The 1970's were a funny time... people were so obsessed with depicting the future and how all these gadgets would work. Also, I feel like faith in the human race was much higher... atleast there was less of the ironic/self-loathing vibe that I think plagues so much of contemporary culture. I suppose it's part of it all... I mean, so many things happen all the time and you think about them all the time, eventually it's hard not to feel nothing. Become like stone... something kinda cosmic in that idea.

I've been thinking alot about motionlessness and it's role in day-to-day life, it feels like a very romantic idea. I mean to have the ability to be still and un-moveable for an elongated period of time. TO BE. Something would be real there, something pure I think. Maybe that's why people freeze themselves and hope that they can wakeup in the future... untouched, unscathed by the time spent laboured by everyone else. Sounds expensive but I've heard of monks attaining a similar state of agelessness... I don't know if I'm ready for that yet. Right now I am hungry.

I don't know if Kale is cool or not but I defiantly think that I eat alot of it. I'm also pretty sure that everyone I know does this frequently too. It's good for you!... and I think it's hard to feel good sometimes. When I was walking through Chinatown today, I realized something that I must have missed a thousand times...

I really need to start working on things... mainly videos. I now have a pile of work to do and I keep putting it off. I am hoping that getting this new computer will change things for me. Editing at home is what I need to be doing more of. I guess I'm just gonna go home soon and lie still and listen to this song. The past lives on...

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