hahahaha BRIAN IS ART!!!! hahaha

Friday - Tuesday (Screw the City!)

After the show on Friday I decided to go to the island and camp-out in my studio until Tuesday. Played around with my new computer and got myself prepared for the Valentines bonanza that Lisa was organizing. I am gonna have to post a couple pictures I took from the Friday show because I am totally digging this shit...

done by two lovely ladies (Zoe and Nitasha) and they made a video of them killing/eatting to accompany this cock-shrine! They were pretty funny because they had never done editing before and the video kept messing up but I guess everything worked out in the end because the projection they made looked great. No issues in the end.

Okay, so skipping forward, I got home and my studio and bedroom were still a big mess from the previous week... hadn't really alot of time to clean it and after last week I was too tired to jump on it right away. I guess I just decided to look at it and make an action plan to get cleaned up.

I kinda just spent Saturday and Sunday hiding out in my studio and doing homework and attempted to not eat all my food. I am totally poor now that I own a computer... Jon said that I am now "Information Rich"... I guess he's right. Now I can BLOG more and anticipate the day when my friends will give me editing programs that will let me do my things!

Anyways, skipping to Monday... (because Saturday and Sunday were spent getting all the info together for February 27th) as soon as I wokeup I received a wondrous valentines gift from Lisa. I decided that I would goof around and take a bunch of funny photos of this gift because I thought it was so sweet and I like the idea of not spending valentines day all mopey and alone.

Once people arrived and we all got settled in, Lisa announced an outing to the petting zoo in Center Ville. We all took our rose gifts and went to the farm and drank champagne with the animals! Best valentines day idea ever. When we got there it was funny because most of the animals had been taken indoors except for the horses and the peacocks (wtf?). There was also a mind-blowing mass of ducklings that took over the property and we all got kinda kid-like and tried to grab them and makeout with them. It was kind of a failure but I took some great pictures of Lisa with the horses and some other great tid-bits...

I'm not really sure how much more I wanna say about this past weekend and what not... also I have to get moving because the day needs to start. Maybe I'll post more later... I also put some cool stuff up on flickr. CHECK IT OUT!


Kat Burns is a real doll!

I have been living with this lady since I moved to the island back in November. She and I kicked it off right away and I am very proud to call her a friend! Come to the show on February 27th, 2011 and check out her crazy art project! It's pretty epic.




Only two more weeks until the event of the season! All videos are confirmed, all programming is ready, and all performers are hyped! The Gibraltar Point Artscape Lodge is feelings the energies and we hope that this friendly reminder encourages you to make it out and experience a night to remember!
Featuring Fantastic Performances By :
Emma Cale Roberts (readings w/ accompanied visuals by: Lucy McKenna)http://www.nowtoronto.com/stage/story.cfm?content=160366
Pat Jeffries and Leah Finkel (Musical Act)
Lisa Cristinzo (Visual/Experiential Performance)http://www.nowtoronto.com/daily/story.cfm?content=173659
Yuula Benivolski (Visual Performance)http://www.yuulabenivolski.com/
The Sensational Video Works of:
Micheal Farley (Baltimore, Maryland) http://www.bakerartistawards.org/nomination/view/michael%20farley
Paul B. Davis (London, UK) http://www.post-data.org/~paul/
Anna-May Henry (Toronto, Canada) http://fantasticalgeographic.blogspot.com/
Jamie Callum Ross (Montreal, Canada) http://www.jamieross.org/
Hazel-Hill McCarthy III (Los Angeles, California) http://www.hazelhillmccarthyiii.com/
Geoffrey Pugen (Toronto, Canada) http://www.geoffreypugen.com/
Jules Marquis (New York, New York) http://www.julesmarquis.com/
Jon Clark (Los Angeles, California) http://jonclarkvideo.com/
Abbe Findley (Kansas City, Missouri) http://www.youtube.com/user/sheughnessy
Iris Fraser-Gundrunas (Toronto, Canada) http://vimeo.com/irisfraser
Robby Rackleff (Baltimore, Maryland) http://dothemathcomics.com/
Dan Siney (Vancouver, Canada) http://lesgallery.ca/?p=123
Laura McCoy (Toronto, Canada) http://lauramccoy.blogspot.com/
Neelam Kler (Nanaimo, Canada) http://webspace.ocad.ca/~nk05lS/
Colin Snapp (New York, New York) http://www.colinsnapp.com/
Also, Kat Burns (http://www.playthetriangle.com/) will be having an open studio featuring her "An Hour of My Time" project that started at the beginning of the month. More info here:http://anhourofmytime.tumblr.com/
February 27th, 2011_5PM – 10PM


(show opens at 6PM)

Artscape Gibraltar Point
Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island
443 Lakeshore Avenue
Toronto, ON, M5J 2E9

Map - http://maps.google.ca/maps?q=209%20Augusta%20toronto&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wl

We are organizing a shuttle bus that will pick people up from the Wards Ferry Dock for 5:30 PM. Please try and make it on time for the shuttle, as there is limited seating (approximately 30people). We encourage bike users to bring their cycles and ride on over. We will be doing another return shuttle at 10:15 PM.

Any further Questions or related matters please feel free to contact:


Originally uploaded by SUN AND CAVE
We are We

Creeper-Reaper (Thanks N)

"There are a great many rumours concerning the authors of both The Creeper and The Reaper, and many suspect that it was the same person. His (or her) motivations have been analysed as possibly a joke, a scientific experiment that got out of hand, and even blackmail. Whoever it was managed to keep it away from the general public, which is remarkable in itself."


Little Bit of History...


Unexpected things are happening all around me! On Friday Jamie Shannon and I went for a skate on the lagoon and I took some mindblowing video footage! Totally gonna use it for new video work. Here are some pictures from last Friday...


isn't this crazy!?

reminds me of a movie, fantastic!!!

i went out later that night... which maybe now i should talk about. the city causes me anxiety!! i've decided that i am going to work even harder to keep myself on the island at all times. the less city, the less stress... that being said, i did find this little gem in my drunken stupor...

i think that i've discovered a new way of displaying. gotta make a mold or just replicate piles of snow... Styrofoam maybe? Maybe i need to buy some excess fake-snow from movie sets. I am really into it! Objects planted into piles... planting! so exciting!

AND THE HOLES!!!! liquids popping out of holes!... so sexy.

Anyways, lastnight we had a very exclusive dinner party and sweatlodge. the bunch of us pitched food and made a freaking feast! sweating was the best part of it all and i am not convinced that i have to sweat every week. infact, i am now convinced that i have to skate and sweat everyweek. it's the best!

oh and one more thing! this picture (below) captures my the tone of my show Feb27th! COME!! IT WILL BE THE BEST!!!!


Video document of me at last StopTalking (Jan 29th, 2011) @ TWH

The Box

I guess it's appropriate to start by saying that I'm sick of not owning a proper computer. This net-book shit is old... it's been fun though. Next week I buy a new computer and some new pants. Exciting! Yesterday was a "Snow Day" but it wasn't anything crazy, barely a foot of snow.

It was an excuse to stay indoors tho... the night before I drank a bottle of wine to myself and watched a full episode of Dr. Who with Sarah. The 1970's were a funny time... people were so obsessed with depicting the future and how all these gadgets would work. Also, I feel like faith in the human race was much higher... atleast there was less of the ironic/self-loathing vibe that I think plagues so much of contemporary culture. I suppose it's part of it all... I mean, so many things happen all the time and you think about them all the time, eventually it's hard not to feel nothing. Become like stone... something kinda cosmic in that idea.

I've been thinking alot about motionlessness and it's role in day-to-day life, it feels like a very romantic idea. I mean to have the ability to be still and un-moveable for an elongated period of time. TO BE. Something would be real there, something pure I think. Maybe that's why people freeze themselves and hope that they can wakeup in the future... untouched, unscathed by the time spent laboured by everyone else. Sounds expensive but I've heard of monks attaining a similar state of agelessness... I don't know if I'm ready for that yet. Right now I am hungry.

I don't know if Kale is cool or not but I defiantly think that I eat alot of it. I'm also pretty sure that everyone I know does this frequently too. It's good for you!... and I think it's hard to feel good sometimes. When I was walking through Chinatown today, I realized something that I must have missed a thousand times...

I really need to start working on things... mainly videos. I now have a pile of work to do and I keep putting it off. I am hoping that getting this new computer will change things for me. Editing at home is what I need to be doing more of. I guess I'm just gonna go home soon and lie still and listen to this song. The past lives on...




An invitation to a very special video and performance cabaret taking place twice during Winter 2011; the first edition will take place at the Toronto Island Artscape Lodge and the second at DoubleDoubleLand in Kensington Market. The show features video works by selected artists from Toronto and abroad as well as performances by artists from each hosting space. Each piece in this collection of multidisciplinary works relates to the idea of placelessness and the deeply haunting nature inherent in transitory spaces

Performative works by the selected artists, reinforce the setting of both shows, through their relationship to the spaces they inhabit. They will act as an anchor that stabilizes and reflects the atmosphere of the event. Each artist was specifically chosen based on similarity in tone, as opposed to visual manifestation. As a curatorial experiment it explores ways of viewing that are not relying on the superficial but on the undercurrents of feeling.

Video works From (names TBA):

Toronto Canada, Montreal Canada, Vancouver Canada, New York New York, Baltimore Maryland, Kansas City Missouri, Los Angeles California, London UK.

Performances at Space #1 (The Toronto Island Artscape Lodge):

Leah Finkle and Pat Jeffries (musical act)

Emma Cale Roberts (Reading and Visual)

Yuula Benivolski (Visual Performance) http://www.yuulabenivolski.com/

Lisa Cristinzo (Visual Performance) http://www.nowtoronto.com/daily/story.cfm?content=173659

Performances at Space #2 (Double Double Land):

Laura McCoy (Visual Performance) http://lauramccoy.blogspot.com/

Jon McCurley (Visual Performance) http://www.amylamwebsite.com/craphead.html



February 27th, 2011_7PM – 11PM

First Performance Starts at 8PM

Last Performance Starts at 1030PM

Artscape Gibraltar Point
Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island
443 Lakeshore Avenue
Toronto, ON, M5J 2E9

MAP - http://maps.google.ca/maps?q=209%20Augusta%20toronto&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wl

There will be a bus arranged to pick up a group of people at a TBA time. Further information will follow as date closes in.


March TBA, 2011_7PM – 11PM

Screening Begins at 9PM

Last Performance at 1030PM

209 Augusta (in the alley and up the stairs)
Toronto, ON M5T 1M1
Neighbourhood: Kensington Market

MAP - http://maps.google.ca/maps?q=209%20Augusta%20toronto&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wl

Any further Questions or related matters please feel free to contact: