Project 165 presents
a Non-Nuit Blanche Nuit Blanche party
Saturday, October 2
7am - 7pm
165 Augusta Ave
Kensington Market

Nuit Noir II is a gloriously independent celebration of creative indulgence, "undefiled wisdom" and the vital existence of unsanctioned cultural activity during Toronto's most artful night of spectacle. This is the event horizon of the black hole that is Nuit Blanche - a cosmic point-of-no-return. ... Cross this imaginary line, leave our universe behind - for good.

This dusk-til-dawn art party offers visual art and a band every hour punctuated by performance art, comedy, spoken word and other actions - plus all-night special coffee service to help you stay up to see the light.

Participants include Aleks Bartosik, Alex Bowron, Bobby Mair, Cassandra Witteman, David Bateman, David F.M. Hanes, Daycares, Dog is Blue, garbageface, Gardenia, Good Clean Fun, Jon McCurley, Kira Sheppard, Laura Heaney, MC Fubb, MJ Cyr, R Mirsky, Orang Pendek, Romo Roto, Ryan Ringer's Let's Get Together for Coffee, Tanga Party, Tiny Mountains and others TBA.

Says Project 165's Director and Chief Curator, Ryan Ringer: "As a point of resistance, this is an opportunity to demonstrate that '"the best this creative city has to offer"' includes much more than official selections. In fact, some of the best stuff going on during Nuit Blanche is unofficial."

About Project 165: Project 165 is an artist-run space in Toronto's Kensington Market that houses a "gallery" and affordable artist work studios. Much like most other artist-run spaces, it is a stage for interaction, performance and cultural negotiation.

Full event schedule as it becomes available:



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