know this feeling?

you know when you take on a project as a favor for someone, who you assume is legit and holds weight in their words, but then turns out to be more trouble than it's worth? that's kind of the feeling I'm getting from this new video I am working on... got all the footage but don't got the heart to care. Fuck. Tomorrow is gonna be a forced day. LET-ME-TELL-YOU.

new drawings feel great. so many amazing words in the world. Triple combos is my new style. 1.2.3. I've been trimming some roots lately. My branches are thickening and my trunks' got some tuff bark. haha...

I cannot stop listening to this track.

I should talk to my friend Eric Sims and do music videos. I want more money. terrible way to feel, right?
Lastnight was funny... sipped some crazy blended drink filled with vodka, beer, lemon concentrate, ice, wine, and... something spicy??? it was mind blowing.

Today is a day of liberation.

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