I can feel it... I can feel it...

This week is all about the pressure. This whole month has been building up for this week and it's stressing me out so much! I'm not even entirely sure how I got to this point in one piece. I keep looking at my cards and expecting this mind-blowing shift in my life. I think it is time to crack down. Crack the whip on my back and make my life move forward. I've had enough of the stagnation that has been taunting my life with a tight noose. Iron Fist is right. I gotta get the fuck outta this grip!

There is no table in my kitchen and it is kinda funny eating all my food in a chair with a ghost table. I feel kinda like I am still living in a squat above the store front we covered in Kurt Cobains face... hahaha. I miss that place. I remember this one night we all drank alot of whiskey and had waaaay too much spraypaint fumes up our noses. We threw a chair into the wall and cut my friend Sarah's leg open with a sheet of glass. She was so delirious that we just kept going till all the blood drained from her face. The hospital is where we all spent our morning. What a summer...

I really need to do the things I need to do. It's time. Now.

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