heavy visions.

"Marshal McLuhan's global village idiot, a/k/a Bloom – on a chat, facebooking in the afternoon, writing back emails, sexting with two fingers – has been here since tribal times, has been educated by humanists, has been employed, has been sent to war and the mall. He accumulates at the bottom of web pages, he deletes his spam and clicks his links, and he is also the social animal of olde – sitting in bars, clinking glasses, bumming cigarettes, gossiping about this or that show, about someone's article or review, about a documenta, about the market, about history and literature and philosophy, about how things are in Berlin, how things are in New York. In-between combat operations, he is holed up in the barracks at his base camp, overdosing on pop culture online and playing with his army-gym body in front of a mirror/camera."

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