CARD OF THE DAY - 10 of Wands

Along with my own daily readings, I like to pull a single card at the beginning of each day. Starting today, I would like to share with you the single selection that I will be making each passing day. After 10 days I will do a celtic-cross reading of each of the daily selections.


Jamie said...

Great to see you using the tarot!

What's the name of the deck you're using - it looks like a touched-up Marseilles-style one. I find the non-representational pips quite difficult to begin with - because they require a pretty visual associative memory of the RiderWaite or another with representational minor arcana. I've been using my Thoth deck a lot recently, which I've been having a lot of good experiences with (have you tried that deck?)!

DFMH said...


good to hear from you. Xenia believes that we look alike now... I have changed my appearance quite a bit. How is Montreal? When are you next in Toronto? I would love to see you.

The cards I use are a French edition of the "AGMuller" (Swiss) deck, which was released in 1831. My deck was released in 1970. I can understand why the apprehension towards the more non-representational decks would exists. It involves alot more of a relationship with the deck itself and the memorization of the general key terms associated with each suite.

Although this is my first own personal deck, I feel very connected to it. It has a very personalized history to it that strikes me in a very poetic way. I love the fact that each of the suits carries its own weight in mystery. I am also totally fascinated with the designs of each of the suits. It is a 3rd generation deck (me being the 3rd) and was given to me by a very close and special friend. I am very careful with this deck. I approach it with caution and open eyes.

I'd love to give you a reading sometime.

talk soon,


ps - this is what the whole deck looks like (