Party Themes - Collaboration with Catherine Miller

"Deep sea copy cats suck on 3D and hang in 4D, with drugs, to make it look cool."

"every rhombus is a parallelogram"

"there is no i in team because i got my own shit to do"

Deep Copy-Cat Seas Riding High On The 4D Tube

"No Board Only 3D, No Bored Only 4D

"... you were better the first time."

"Deep eh? TOTAL EH! 3D EH! Totally 3D Eh!?"


From back in January 2010

"Untitled (a series of gestures and actions that help work things out)" '2010
STOP TALKING 3 @ GoodBlood BadBlood

Video by: Reid Jenkins



Next show I'm in... then I leave for 3week tour!! (this will be my 4th?? show at WhiteHouse)


DJ DOG DICK (Baltimore)
DJ DOG DICK, born Max Eisenberg
DJ Dog Dick is the feeling that you just can't masturbate anymore, that all the dorritos are gone, that ten year old girls are the new 34 year old men, that all reason, love, truth honesty, cable television, and early mornings are still possible.
VICE Magazine described DJ DOG DICK as "His shit’s a 4 AM stripper pole party in a West side Baltimore basement where everyone’s sweating on PCP and is about a split second away from fucking anything in the ass."

SEWN LEATHER (Baltimore)
back that track up, backing tracks up, back track. rib rack, rip that shit, flip the script, boys and girls (YES!)
SEWN LEATHER, Austin born, living in Baltimore, constantly on the road, always on his feet. This guy is the Beach Boys of electronic punk. he lives in a swamp, makes babies, lets you believe in God then tells you why it's time to start over from the beginning.
aggressively truthful, performing a one-man dance dance revolution on your ego. this gurl has got all the boy worth trusting. So trust me, I support this guy 10000000 percent. He will show you that you were blind, now you see, you were wrong and now he's right, this is the time to put black painted flowers in your hair and talk about your grandmother.

Bourne out of the tender loins of mutual affection and flagrant cherry-popping pudding-pounding anti-gravity cumsicle no regard for life noise, the duo of Brian Ruryk and Gastric Female Zukerman go at it, gloveless and fearless with a dumpsters worth of detritus. CUDDLES!

DAVID.F.M.HANES - "The Untitling" (2010):
Performing the third piece in a trilogy of action works, Hanes' "The Untitling" will consist of a similar form likened to his previous two works in the series ("Untitled" and "Untitleded"). By expanding upon the streams of seemingly chaotic body-verses, David's completed misadventure will be, for the first time, all together under one roof and on one night. Glitter, paint, copy-cat choreography, wanna-be profiling, self-deprecation, begged desire, mega-media space/time, and doppelganger-props are only but a few of the many themes evoked in this work. NOT-TO-BE-MISSED

Links to "Untitled" and "Untitleded"
- http://webspace.ocad.ca/~dh07oj/Performance/untitledgestures.html
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GbV1Xz07KE

THURSDAY APRIL 1st @ THE WHITE HOUSE (http://theotherwhitehouse.ca/)
doors @ 9pm

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new image from Halloween....

What Comes Back (Shadow Play) '09 - Performance in action

Photo Credit: Fatsy Kline